Going Through it Again

Going through it again I don't know who I am Loosing focus Feeling hopeless It's all going to be fine in the end. Surfing on waves of uncertainty And flying through clouds of doubt. How does it all end? And when am I supposed to shout? -G. Edgar I wrote this thinking about writing a [...]



Blue skies Blue ocean Blue like my mood twenty four seven Blue cars Blue eyes But yours are green They're still my favorite Something blue Something new Blue shoes Singing the blues Singing about you Blue velvet Blue sapphire Blue isn't always sad You make me feel blue Calm and collected In love and at [...]

Crazy Girl in a Crazy World

Rational becomes irrational and we're all crazy. How do you take thoughts back? How do you unsend a text? Or several texts? How do you in-have a whole conversation? -G. Edgar Keep lying to yourself it's how you got this far Keep walking around like you don't care Like living this life doesn't scare You, [...]

Careful |pt. 1 & 2

careful pt.1 Careful with me tonight Careful I might bite tonight Don't be afraid tonight Bite back in fright -G. Edgar Careful pt. 2 Careful with me I'm sensitive tonight If you say something wrong I might break I won't fight But if I say something I will break And you won't understand You never [...]