Mirror Tell Me

Looking in the mirror Trying to figure out Where is the beauty When you're not around? Sometimes I think it leaves When you're not there to point it out. -G.Edgar

We’re All Animals

the most inspiring thing That I could ever do Is explain you Explain to you How much I love you And that it's all about you. -G. Edgar a wounded deer A gazelle A sitting duck Walking up to a fighting bull A limping war horse A bloody lion. Who takes care of who? -G. [...]

Crazy Girl in a Crazy World

Rational becomes irrational and we're all crazy. How do you take thoughts back? How do you unsend a text? Or several texts? How do you in-have a whole conversation? -G. Edgar Keep lying to yourself it's how you got this far Keep walking around like you don't care Like living this life doesn't scare You, [...]