~Thankful ~

I know this post is coming a little late but I have been enjoying my time off with my loved ones and have forgotten to post but here I writing to you now. As a person, I find it often to be very difficult to be thankful for what I have. In this day and [...]


Visiting A Psychic | My Thoughts

This past Halloween, something that I thought would be fun to try is going to see a psychic. I called to try to make an appointment for a friend and I and the person was busy that day so we scheduled for Friday. So, we went Friday and on the way there I have to [...]

Favorite Halloween Movies & Shows

The weather is getting colder and Halloween is approaching very quickly which means there is only one way to spend free time...watching spooky movies. I, of course, have my go-to favorites but there are also some new movies I have discovered this year as well as some awesome shows for this time of year that [...]

Picking for Apples

Apple picking is actually something I've only done a few times but after going this time with Christian, I definitely want to go every year. We had a lot of fun picking/ eating the apples and making apple crisp. I love doing things like this on the weekend, it's so nice to take a break [...]