Spring Time with JORD

Hello darlings! Recently I received a very unique watch from Jord, a company that specializes in beautiful authentic wooden watches.  I've always loved watches, there's something about them that just look so sophisticated. I feel like people who wear watches have somewhere to be or somewhere to go. They are always organized and have their [...]

I’ve Got to Do Things My Own Way

Hi darlings! This week I was looking for some more pants for work when I stumbled upon these at a sale at H&M. Not only are they perfect for work but they are sweatpants! (Don't tell your boss!) They are so comfy and I recommend everyone reading to go out and get a pair right [...]

Back to the 90’s

I've decided to do some decades posts since vintage styles are popular right now and inspiring lots of stylists and designers alike. I feel like I haven't seen an outfit in a couple of years that hasn't been inspired by the 90's 80's or 70's.  So I'm starting out this series with the 90's. I [...]

Thrift Haul| YouTube Video

I went thrift shopping earlier this week and got some great stuff. I made a video to show what I get when I go to thrift stores. There's always something great you can find their and for awesome prices.I think everyone should shop at thrift stores and goodwill's because I love the idea of giving [...]