Favorite Winter Beauty Finds

I have been extra careful about my skin care and hair care with all the cold weather we've been having recently. And I found some favorite products that I wanted to share with you angels to help keep your skin and hair healthy in this dry cold weather. Olivia Care- Jasmine Gardenia Body Oil from Target  [...]

New Year New Me?

I am a big believer in the fact that every day is a new day and we should try to start every day new constantly trying to live our best life. So many people set up these resolutions for themselves and they never complete them because it's too much for them. It's important to take [...]

Top 17 of 2017

2017 has been a crazy, exciting and wonderful year for me. I love looking back and appreciating all the wonderful things that have happened and realizing how far my life, and my blog as well, has come in only a year. So, I hope you enjoy looking back with me on 17 of my favorite [...]

Cold Winds

Lately I have really been in a self-love mood. Not that I am cocky or think I'm the most amazing person in the whole world, but I just really have been appreciating myself more and more as well as the people in my life. And I feel like that's super important, especially as an introvert. I [...]

Velvet Holidays | Christmas Party Look

Going to holiday parties are one of my favorite things to do during the season and this year is no exception. I love having a reason to get dressed up and then going out and having a good time with friends and or family. This year the black on black look seemed like a good choice. [...]

Cold Weather Skin Care | Skin Love no.2

It is difficult to keep up with the quickly changing weather. The sun is out less and the air gets colder. It can be very difficult to find a way to help our skin stay beautiful. I'm not gonna lie I used to not take very good care of my skin, especially during the winter. [...]