I’m Secretly a Pro-Gamer

Well, not yet. A month or two ago I decided it would be very fun to purchase a video game console and start my gaming career. While playing games, I was told that it is quite entertaining to watch me play. Hilarious even. "Maybe I should share my horrid gaming skills with the world?!" I [...]

Gorgeous Weekend

There is nothing quite like a long weekend with beautiful weather. Especially when I even spell weather the right way. Enjoy these photos from my weekend. Me trying to be artsy Me trying to be a model I only know how to play twinkle-twinkle on my guitar and it will be featured on my first [...]

Poetry & Prose pt. 1 Spring

Some late night thoughts I came up with when I couldn't fall asleep right away last night. Dying nightly/to become alive daily/Morning brings new weaknesses/ Night buries the strengths in our slumber/half alive/half in my head/ They say I imagine it all An artist at the start/Does not know of art/ Her painting looks a [...]