YouTube Video|Road Trip LOOK BOOK

Hi Darlings! So as some of you may know this week I took a trip to visit my grandmother who just turned 90. I can't believe she is 90 years old. It's probably because she doesn't take all those drugs the doctor recommends.....but anyways....While I was on this trip I thought it'd be a good [...]

YouTube Video| GRWM| Concert Outfit

Hello Darlings!! I am very sorry I haven't posted in the last couple of weeks. I have been getting more hours at work plus I have been sick so I've been occupied and I hope you can forgive me. There are more posts coming and today I have a YouTube Video for you to watch! [...]

Thrift Haul| YouTube Video

I went thrift shopping earlier this week and got some great stuff. I made a video to show what I get when I go to thrift stores. There's always something great you can find their and for awesome prices.I think everyone should shop at thrift stores and goodwill's because I love the idea of giving [...]