Back to School with Jord

It's September again and everybody is going back to school. I love these last days of summer with all my heart. It's still hot most days but we also have some very cool days.  Recently I received a gorgeous wooden watch from Jord. I have gotten one from them before but this one has to [...]

The Perfect Dress for a Sunny Day

Sunflowers have got to be one of the happiest flowers and even though I want to avoid being basic at all costs, I had to give in and buy myself a sunflower dress from Zaful. Soon after I received the dress I found that a Sunflower Festival is happening at a farm near me. I figured [...]

Sunshine of Your Love| 7 T-shirt Dresses for Spring/Summer 2018

Hey friends! So, recently I have been dressing more comfortably since we are approaching summer and honestly more than anything I am excited to stop wearing pants. I have been looking forward to breaking out all the spring and skirts and dresses so much this year. I especially have been really been loving the simplicity [...]