Pretty Makeup for Sunny Days

Summer is here and so is natural makeup looks! I filmed my makeup routine for the summer, here it is below! Everyday Makeup Routine- Mascara and Chat Enjoy, like and subscribe to my new YouTube channel. -G

No-Heat Curls

One thing in beauty that I am totally against is using heat on my hair. I never use a straightener or curling iron although I have both and I always turn my hair dryer to the lowest heat setting. But curly hair is so much fun and I haven't curled it in a long time [...]

Currently- Products and State of Mind

A persons style is constantly changing, what I liked yesterday I may not like anymore and there may be something I found that I am now over the moon about. Trends and personal style are constantly changing and I wanted to share some new favorites because it's been a while. e My state of mind [...]