Who is She?

My favorite part of summer was becoming blonde. I had been thinking about it more and more over the past year and decided to start at the beginning of summer. I really embraced it and here at some pictures before my roots grew out.

Another thing I did this summer was gain a little weight, so don’t make fun. I’ll get back to being fit someday….but I had a great summer and enjoyed growing into the blonde goddess I am (well I gotta fix my roots again first.)

I wanted to post this today because I had been told (by my horoscope) that I need to write myself a love letter and if you saw my attempt at that yesterday, you know that I failed | Going Through it Again | I thought that instead, to raise my self-esteem that I would post these beautiful photos. That really is how I appreciate myself and tell myself that I’m beautiful, I can’t seem to do that with words for myself for whatever reason.

So anyways, who is she? She is a poet and a model, a photographer and a dreamer. I’ll post some on my dreams soon.

-G. Edgar

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