Sleep. Grind. Invest. Repeat.

We all need to be a lot more generous with our future self.

Lately I have been way to busy to post. It’s been a crazy month with my engine overheating, miscommunication for plans, craziness at work, increase in hours and getting in a minor car accident. I’ve had quite enough but I’m still moving forward strongly. There is no reason for me to be discouraged and give up.

Despite all of this I’m actually doing great. I’m taking on a new role where I work and I’m very excited to actually feel like I’m helping our cause. last year I felt very stuck, like there was so much I could do but I was stuck doing another job so I no time to promote and help the marketing aspect of the establishment in which I work.

I will also have more time to work on college work soon, so I will be doing more courses and therefore graduating sooner, thank God. With this, comes more financial responsibility and to be honest I have not been the best with this the past couple years. It’s hard to get a paycheck and not spend it on the things you want but if you look at life long -term, you realize a lot of the things you want/need to have in the next few years, you will not be able to afford unless you save up for those things now.

Since I’ve been focusing more on saving money, I’ve already realized how much better it feel to put that money into my savings account instead of letting it fly out the window. It feel so good to know that I will let this money keep on building on top of itself so that I can do thing slike pay off college debt. Ew. And buy a car that is actually safe.

Here are some things that have really helped me over the past few months.

Stash/ Investing- I love using this app called Stash. It is an investing app and it has lots of tips for you to learn about investing and stocks and it will put together mixes that are ideal for you or you can choose to invest in something that you believe in. Plus, you can get $5 free to invest with Stash if you use my link. Here’s $5 to start investing on Stash. You can use this link at anytime.

Stash also has debit cards available that will allow a percentage of what you spend anywhere to be invested into your portfolio. This has only earned me about 27 cents so far but I am building on it. I have had it for 2 weeks.

The second thing I have already touched upon and it’s just putting more money into your savings. We all need to be a lot more generous with our future self. I have been using bank mobile for my savings because I love their added interest rate for their savings account. Bank mobile has a better interest rate for savings accounts than the banks I have used in the past which helps to “make money as you sleep” as my Dad says.

Lastly, one thing that helps overall is to be content with what you have and who you are and not needing to buy things to make yourself feel better.

Anyways, I’ve just started doing all of this but I will show you guys some numbers so that I can update my progress every once in a while. It’s so important this day and age to keep on top of finances starting young, I’m not trying to live a stressed out life because I didn’t start saving up when I was young.

Stash portfolio- $126.26

Savings- $857.84

Total- $984.10

Thank you for reading my post! I hope you enjoyed it, come back for more updates on this project and tips to save some bucks.


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