I’m Secretly a Pro-Gamer

Well, not yet.

A month or two ago I decided it would be very fun to purchase a video game console and start my gaming career. While playing games, I was told that it is quite entertaining to watch me play. Hilarious even.

“Maybe I should share my horrid gaming skills with the world?!” I thought. “Maybe it’ll be entertaining and I’ll become a meme.” Who knows? It’s all just a fun little experiment.

The video is on my new YouTube channel- Dragon Borger-and it isn’t the best quality but I will make better soon and this one is quite funny.

YouTube- Dragon Borger- Minecraft Tour

The quality of the video is not the best, which I why I waited a few days but today I decided it was funny and I had to post it.

Go ahead and check it out, have a laugh, share with a gamer you know. I hope you find my lack of ability very entertaining. More stuff coming soon.


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