Walking On Clouds With FSJ

Summer is just around the corner and the best part is all the cute sandals and heels that we get to wear! The past few summers I have opted for the same three pairs of heels, my slip on sandals or sneakers and this year it is time to get some new summery shoes.

Here is what I am loving from FSJ which I have been looking at a lot lately. They have such a great variety of styles of shoes, they are definitely worth taking some time to look at.

Two things I love about their site is that first, it’s all shoes and second it’s easy to find many choices for your favorite styles. I have been very into kitten heels recently but haven’t bought myself any just yet. They would be perfect for summer especially for those who still work in an office or have a job that requires that they look very professional. They also make me feel like Audrey Hepburn which is nice.

Like I said, it’s time to get some more sandals. I always have trouble finding sandals that I love but the choices they have for sandals are phenomenal. They have sandals for weddings, they have ones that are edgy to add some flair to a basic outfit, they have casual ones for sunny sundays and everything in between.

Vintage oxford style heels/shoes will always be a favorite vibe for me. There is something so classic and nostalgic about this style. There are also a lot of modern takes on this style for those who are a little edgy. I hope these never go out of style. I really encourage you to take a look at what they have for this style because they are all ssoooo cute and you will fall in love, especially if you are a vintage babe.

Pumps are a must for any closet and I particularly love platform pumps with chunky heels. They are so much fun and add a lot of subtle drama to an outfit.

Black Suede Platforms Pumps – $140

Clear and transparent shoes have been a trend for a bit now and they are still cute. I have yet to buy a pair but some of these choices from FSJ are pretty tempting.

Loafers are a personally favorite because they are kind of vintage and oh so comfy. I was happy to see some loafer heels on the FSJ site! I will definitely be wearing some of these this fall.

Denim shoes that are plain and can be kind of meh but the styles FSJ has put together are phenomenal. I am so in love with some of these styles! They especially have a lot of denim boots and booties that would be so cute with a casual dress for date night.

Summer is filled with unlimited choices of shoes from FSJ, don’t miss out.

Thank you so much for reading my post! I hope you found some inspiration for summer shoes. Let me know which style is your favorite or if you found some other styles you love on the FSJ site. I really love how many styles and options they have. Please like this post and follow me so you can be updated when I post new content.


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