Click* Goes the Camera

Photo shoots are an escape, an excuse.

Run free, trespass

If only for a good photo.

The world we live in can be so ugly, it’s full of lies and crimes. Then, you open your eyes, your new eyes, to a new world full of love and mercy. Unconditional love and mercy. Perfection doesn’t exist here, only beauty.

Scrolling through news feeds and clicking on posts isn’t what is hurting. The infectious, self loathing thoughts always come from yourself. Who cares what others think?

You’re the most beautiful person I ever did see/ I just didn’t recognize that you were me.

I’m thinking about organizing all my poetry/prose and making it into a book. As my readers, what do you think about this?

Thank you for reading my posts, I hope you enjoyed it and come back in the future. Please like the post and follow my blog to be updated when I post new content.

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