Wake Me Up When It’s Spring

Okay so it IS Spring but I liked the title and wanted to use it.

I’m glad that Easter was later this year because I always wanna wear springy, summer dresses but it’s almost always too cold to do that. I’m glad the weather is on my side this time.

I really loved this outfit. I saw this dress in the store and knew it was mine. The simple yet elegant length and style was all just too much for me to resist. I also got the most perfect earrings to match a cute local store called Poppy Seed Studio which it my favorite store at the moment. They have so many cute vintage and handmade items and it’s just so unique, I could spend my whole day in the store and buy almost everything.

Accessorizing has not always been my cup of tea. I usually just buy things I like just because I like them, not because I have something they go with. In turn I always just kinda throw them with an outfit I like and sometimes this works out for me but not always.

Embracing what you like is something I think we all need to work on if one is trying to find their style. I cannot stand it when someone likes something just because it is in style. Make your own style, like what you like, be wild and crazy or chill about it. Styling is a form or creativity.

Spring is a time to start over new and reinvent yourself. Of course, you can never really change a person but it’s healthy to continue learning and growing as we go on in life. Keep working toward your full potential.

Life is so hard and there are so many people looking to benefit only themselves. Make sure you are looking out for not only yourself but the people around you and make sure the people around you are those who are looking out for you as well. If they don’t care about your well being or protecting you and your name, they don’t love you and they need to get out of your life.

Be aware of the situations you are in. I am no the best at this but it’s something I try to do. Try to realize when people are taking advantage of you or a friend and make it known to all parties involved. Don’t let people walk all over you.

The last thing i want to say is take time to recover. Watch Netflix all day, read a book, let the clouds pass over you and just chill. It’s not the end of the world if your assignment is a little late this one time or if you don’t send the email until tomorrow. Life goes on.

*Sadly, I cannot give you links to these items because neither of them are available online*

Thank you for reading this post. My outfit post turned into a little bit more of a rant but that’s okay! I hope you enjoyed it. Please like the post and follow to be updated when I post new content.


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