Recently I have been trying to pay more attention to my dreams. A few weeks ago I had a dream where I had to pull out my own teeth. I mentioned this dream to a co-worker and she told me that this dream implies that I am not channeling my stress well. So, I started paying more attention to my dreams in order to kind of take hold of subconscious thoughts and try to solve problems in my head.

To me thinking about your dreams and doing a little research on what certain dreams can mean is like having a conversation with your subconscious. A lot of times we just push away these seemingly unimportant feelings and thoughts. It’s important to bring these to the surface and try to deal with them.

A few days after my teeth dream I started having actual tooth pain.I was planning this big event for where I work and it was a big responsibility and yes, duh, I was stressed out on a large scale. I had never been so stressed that my teeth hurt all day. The day of the event, when everything was all ready to go, the pain went away. I really needed to find a way to channel the stress earlier, I wanted to right after the dream, but I really didn’t have time to even think about it. Maybe next time I will be more prepared.

Another dream I had that same week was about honey combs. Before looking up the meaning I was a little scared, mostly because of the way the dream happened. It wasn’t particularly frightening but the imagery to me was unpleasant. In my dream I took out my earrings and in my piercings there was honeycombs. Strange right? Well, I looked up the meaning later and it turns out that honeycombs can me success usually of financial nature. And my event (which was a fundraiser) looks successful so far.I am still running numbers but just the fact that I pulled it all off is an accomplishment.

Dreams are often forgotten as soon as I wake up, usually during times when I have a lot going on are when I remember them. But from now on I am gonna try to remember them and see if they can help me at all.

Do you keep a dream journal? Do you find it helpful?

Thank you for reading my posts. Tell me what kind of dreams you have. Like this post and follow me to be updated every time that I post new content.


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