No-Heat Curls

One thing in beauty that I am totally against is using heat on my hair. I never use a straightener or curling iron although I have both and I always turn my hair dryer to the lowest heat setting. But curly hair is so much fun and I haven’t curled it in a long time so I wanted to try it again but NO HEAT!

So, I picked up some curlers but not foam rollers because those are not as comfortable to sleep in.

Step 1. Wash hair

Step 2. Apply Leave in conditioner of your choice – Shea Moisture Coconut Oil Leave In Conditioner – Ulta _$12

Step 3. Blow dry hair (on low setting) until mostly dry

Step 4. Roll hair up into curlers

Step 5. Sleep (beauty sleep is essential)

Step 6. Use hair spray or mouse on your curls

Step 7. Let sit for a while then begin to remove curlers

Step 8. Apply more hairspray and separate curls (brushing usually makes them not as curly)

All done! here is the result! I love doing this so much now and I may do it more often. I also try to put the curls that didn’t turn out so well back up into curlers for longer so they can become a little more curly.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I really had fun curling my hair and trying something different. Try to stay natural and love your hair the way it is but also, try not to use heat at all on your hair if possible.

Thank you for reading my post, I hope you enjoyed it. Please like the post and follow my blog for updates when I post new content.


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