Currently- Products and State of Mind

A persons style is constantly changing, what I liked yesterday I may not like anymore and there may be something I found that I am now over the moon about. Trends and personal style are constantly changing and I wanted to share some new favorites because it’s been a while. e

My state of mind has been changing a lot this year. I have been letting a lot of things go mentally and have been learning to embrace the things I love. I’ve been learning to go with the flow but dictate my own future at the same time. No more unwillingly following people and trends, not being sure of what I want and no more worrying about what others think. The only person I need to stand before is God and myself. If I can live with me, then who cares.

Makeup- There’s two things I used to hate more than anything, eye-shadow and the color purple. Now, I’m obsessed with both. I usually don’t wear eye-shadow but lately I have been wearing this muted purple shade that I got from Ipsy and just putting it over my entire lid to draw attention to my green eyes. Sometimes I use iridescent purple in the corners of my eyes to make the color pop more

Meech and Mia- taupe – $11.50

Nomad- Ko Pha Ngan Highlighter – $17

Fashion- My fashion sense lately has been whatever is comfortable. I love over-sized t-shirts. Like….I could honestly care less about looking all fancy and cute atm.

Another item I’m loving is plain white t-shirts and crops. I like a good basic look honestly and the white t just seems so clean and you can add on so much to it.

Accessories – I’ve been in love with these lightning earrings that I got from target. I always loved lightning bolts as symbols, the symbols we love always show a part of who we are and lightning is electricity and I’ve always wanted that to be a part of my personality.

Hair- The hair is always unwashed and sometimes un-brushed. I leave it down most of the time because I am in love with how long it has been getting. The most important thing for my hair in the winter is leave-in-conditioner.

Shea Moisture- Superfruit Conditioner- $10.19

Home- My beautiful English Ivy Plant. I love all my plants but this is my favorite right now. I have been meaning to get and Ivy plant for months now and last week I finally got one. I love the color of it so much and I can’t wait for it to get larger.

Thank you for reading my post!Let me know what you’ve been into lately and like this post. Follow my blog to be updated when I post new content.


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