Angel Energy

I believe people are angels or have angel energy. I believe God sends angels to earth in the form of the people who are close to us, the people who watch out for us and even as ourselves, our conscience can be an angel, it encourages you to make the best choices, even though we don’t always listen. And we have demons here as well and they manifest as thoughts, dark horrible thoughts that you could never before imagine yourself thinking. And as people too, the people who couldn’t care less about who you are or why you exist, the people who only care about themselves are demons. Be an angel in this world.

If we’re supposed to be making the world our heaven on earth, what are we doing going around and acting like demons towards each other? We should be nothing less than angels. I don’t understand anything but kindness. Of course I have my moments where I’m not perfect but I try my best to do the right thing and really think about how I am affecting others in my daily interactions. There just so much hurt in the world and all I wanna do is put out goodness, I can’t understand why someone would want to intentionally be mean.

I know that angels are supposed to be beings that live up in heaven or whatever, but I truly believe in this angel energy. The only fault in my theory is that typically you would think that angels are perfect. Right? But all the people in my life that I believe have angel energy are not perfect. Then I remember that the devil was once an angel. We all know that story and I’m not going to go into it but my point is that angels are probably very flawed too, but there intention is to give love, and guard/watch over people.

Heaven is a place on earth – or at least that what I believe. Angels are here on earth we just can’t see them. We often “feel” their presence or even the presence of loved ones. I believe this is because Heaven is not a place up in sky or in outer space but because it is right here on earth, like a spiritual realm kind of thing. Something we cannot see but it does truly exist.

Not my tattoo ( I got the photo from pinterest) This photo I saw on pinterest got me thinking and inspired this post.

There are so many people around me that give off this angel energy, I can help but think about it and how these people shape me and my life. I’ve always loved angels, the stories about them, artwork depicting what they may look like and even seeing the people I love as angels.

Thank you for reading my post, I know today’s thoughts were different than normal but I hope you enjoyed it. Please take some time to look around my blog at other posts and follow for updates on new content.



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