Winter Winds

It’s winter and I haven’t gone snowboarding yet. I know that the mountains are good now but I’m still disappointed in the lack of snow we’ve gotten at home. I should make my way up to the mountain but just haven’t worked my way over there yet. I’m reflecting on this because if it wasn’t for the snow I wish it’d be summer all the time. I love winter because of the snow and the amount we’ve gotten so far is disheartening…to me anyways.

I took a trip to the beach with a friend and it was a short-lived but well enjoyed visit. I always love the beach, even in the winter it’s so nice to get away from life and just enjoy the breeze and the calm ferocity of the sound of ocean waves.

On another note these camo pants have been a great new addition to my wardrobe. I’m not a camo person but I find it a unique piece that can add a masculine touch to a feminine wardrobe. It’s also very trendy in urban styles. They look so cute high waisted with a crop top but I wasn’t opting for one at the windy beach in the winter.

I’ll probably be wearing these more with some cute crop tops and hopefully I’ll find other ways to style it too. I like doing this plain tank-top with the bottoms, the only drawback was that I needed a coat to go with it.

I’m also looking forward to trying to wear these with some heels sometime because I feel like that would be fresh to death. Anyways, I’m really looking forward to it being summer again at the moment.I’m in need of some warmer weather and free time.

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