21st Birthday Recap

I wanted to make a big story of this and even make a vlog, but when it came to it I just get way too caught up in the moment on days like this to create content sometimes. I’m cool with that though.

Anyways I had a great day, I woke up and watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s with a glass of champagne, went out for beers and lunch with my brother Tim, spent time with the love of my life went to Hibachi with my brothers and their wives then ended the night drinking champagne with the love of my life. All in all that’s the skinny of it.

I really enjoyed every moment but I do have to it would be fun if I had more friends that could go out with me on that night. Some day in the future I want to have New Year’s eve parties at my own place and just relax all the next day for my birthday.

Hibachi was a fun experience though, the people who work at these place do a lot to involve you in the cooking and everything and it makes dinner a lot of fun. We had lots of drinks and lots of sake which only helped too.

My favorite part of my birthday was enjoying a whole bottle of champagne with my boyfriend to end the night though. I could just stay home all day and read and listen to jazz. I’m a very low-key person who enjoys just being with that one person who makes me feel special. That’s what I needed on my birthday and I got it. It was a beautiful way to end the day.

NYE Outfit

Thank you for reading my post. Thank you for all you birthday wishes, please check out the rest of my site and follow for updates on new content and have a fabulous 2019!


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