New Years’ Eve Outfit Ideas

New Years’ Eve is quickly approaching and I only have outfit ideas but no outfit. Needless to day I need to go out and grab something soon.

New Years’ Eve has always been a big deal to me because it’s also my birthday. This one in particular is my 21st. So, for the first time I have plans to go out on New Years’ Eve.

In the past I haven’t done anything too big, usually go out to dinner with friends or just watch the ball drop from home but sometimes I always love the thought of dressing up and going all out for New Years outfits.

New Years’ Eve Outfit 2017

The first idea I had was to go with a white lace dress and a red jacket and some white ankle boots. But, of course, non of the items I wanted were available in my size.

White Lace Dress -Forever21 $19

Red Vinyl Jacket- Forever 21 -$10

White Ankle Boots – Forever21 $35

Here are some other dresses and accessories that I’m liking for New Years’ Eve.

Metallic Bodycon Dress- Charlotte Russe -$37

Glitter Tube Top- Target -$10

Well, I’m not sure just what I’m going to wear yet but I will definitely be posting a New Years’ Eve look.

Thank you for reading this short little post! I hope you all find great outfits for new years. Please look around my blog and follow to be updated when I post new content.


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