Winter Reading List

This week, I finished my assignments for college and completed the last things I had to do for work until the new year. It is such a relief to finally have some time to myself and possibly get some reading done. There are a few books that I bought recently that I will be finishing this week and then maybe I’ll be able to work on some more books on my wish list.

Here is what is on my reading list for the winter…

Outlander– $13- I started this book and it is a great read so far. I hope to finish the book soon so that I can watch the series as well. Let me know if you watched the series and if it’s any good.

Damned– $14 Chuck Plahniuk is a little too much for my taste I am finding out through this book but I love the concept of this story of a teenage girl in hell told in a similar way as the breakfast club.

Pillow Thoughts – $10 – A book of poetry I picked up a few weeks ago. I like how people are getting back into poetry. It’s so simple yet powerful and sometimes even inspirational. I recommend everyone to get a book of poetry and look through it every once in a while or maybe read one poem a day.

Catalyst– $9 -A rogue one story telling about Jin Orso’s father and the story behind rogue one. It is very interesting so far and helps to answer some questions some may have about the origin of Jin Orso and more about why she was separated from her parents and such.

The Princess Diarist-$19- A story told by Carrie Fischer about the behind the scenes of the star wars movies. I’m looking forward to reading this one very much.

Instastyle – $15- A book by one of my favorite instagram account owners @tezza she is gorgeous and has a very unique and gorgeous style. I’m looking forward to reading and getting inspired by this book.

Small Blessings – $24- book I just started reading this month and I love it so much. I try to pick it up whenever I’m not working but it seems I always have something to do that’s more important. I still make time though. The book seems to be a bit of a love story but it’s about more than just two people. It involves a professor and a student (I’m still not sure how I feel about this) and it’s has a bit of dark humor. The beginning is truly what interested me, it was the darkest part and followed and explained what was going on in characters heads very well. I recommend it, I’m not finished with the book but the first chapters are amazing.

I am so excited to have time to read some of these books. There is nothing like a day off spent reading at home or even away from home. Traveling during the holidays is the best time to read.

Thank you for reading my post. Please look around and view more of my posts and follow to be updated when I post new content.

Merry Christmas


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