Feeling Plaid

Two weeks ago, I finally did some shopping on Fashion Nova for the first time to see what all the hype was about. I got these sweet plaid  pants because I truly feel like all I wear is jeans and I wanted to change it up. Also, I love green so I got this green top which goes perfectly with the pants. I love this outfit so much! It is insanely comfortable and I can even where them to work or wherever. I could even where them to bed if I wanted to. The plaid pants are my favorite for sure, plaid is such a feeling this time of year. I wish I could wear flannels everyday but these pants help to mix it up a little.Feeling plaid (2)Feeling Plaid (3)

This may be my favorite fall outfit for the moment. I love plaid and I love green and this teddy bear coat has been my best friend since I got it. It is so cuddly and I try to wear it as often as I can. For the longest time I felt like I was seeing them everywhere and I wanted one so bad then one day I saw one at the store, grabbed it and bought it without giving it a second thought. It wasn’t too expensive which was also great for me.Feeling Plaid (4)Feeling Plaid (5)

Today started out pretty cloudy but I was glad when the sun decided to come out for my photos. The lovely tree I was standing under cast some beautiful shadows over me while we were shooting. I love November so much but sometime sit can be hard to find a beautiful spot to take photos when all the foliage is gone. Feeling Plaid (6)Feeling Plaid (7)

After we took these photos my photographer/friend and I went to Barnes and Noble and spent the afternoon looking at and reading books while eating some pizza. We don’t do that enough, it was so enjoyable to be able to just sit and read with a friend, you don’t always have to be talking to enjoy your time together.Feeling Plaid (8)Windy days can either be a disaster or the best thing for photos. Today it was a blessing.Feeling Plaid (9)

Shop the Look:

Kristy Plaid Pant – Black/White – FashionNova – _$18

Sami V Neck Top – Hunter Green – Fashion Nova – $13

Reservations Only Sunglasses – Tortoise/Brown – Fashion Nova – $5

Similar Teddy Coat – Garage US

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Lots of Love,

– G


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