Visiting A Psychic | My Thoughts

This past Halloween, something that I thought would be fun to try is going to see a psychic. I called to try to make an appointment for a friend and I and the person was busy that day so we scheduled for Friday. So, we went Friday and on the way there I have to admit I was a bit nervous just because I didn’t know exactly what to expect.When we got there and went in she seemed very nice and kind and got right into the palm readings that we were going to do. Psychic 4My friend went first. While she was reading her palms, everything she said was dead on. I don’t want to give details on that because I believe in keeping my life and my friend’s life private. I will however say that she told me that I had a gift in teaching, which I am currently working as a teacher and she told me that I would write books in the future which is what I’ve always wanted to do. I was pretty blown away at how much she knew just by looking at my palms. It was a little insane to tell the truth.Psychic

Now, I have to say that this doesn’t mean I completely believe in all this hocus pocus. I do not believe it is magic. I believe some people have strong and very spiritual power of intuition. later the same evening, I was telling my boyfriend about what happened and all she told me. He was very skeptical and I don’t really blame him. We discussed the good and bad of this psychic ability and how some psychics might be on the bad end of the spectrum but the psychic I went to see said that “there is only one God” and she was warning us of the evils of this power of intuition. So, I believe she is good and that there is good in the ability.Psychic 5

While talking about this we also brought up how many people completely change their lives over going to see these people. I felt a little inspired afterwards but it wasn’t like I was going to completely change my life. She told me a lot of things that I already knew about myself and gave some advice to move forward. I don’t believe seeing a psychic is for everyone but maybe if you’re a little lost and blind to who you are and where you should go, seeing a psychic will help inspire you and sometimes they give you great advice in your flawed areas as well. I guess it depends on who you are and who you go see. I don’t believe in magic but I do believe in a spiritual world that we are all a part of and these people have the gift of intuition and i don’t think it’s bogus or evil.Psychic 3Psychic 2

These photos are actually from Halloween. My friend and I decided to do some fun but quick makeup and go out and take photos really quick. Thank you for reading this post. I really love sharing my experiences with you all. Take a minute to read some of my other posts and follow for updates on new content.

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