Favorite Halloween Movies & Shows

The weather is getting colder and Halloween is approaching very quickly which means there is only one way to spend free time…watching spooky movies. I, of course, have my go-to favorites but there are also some new movies I have discovered this year as well as some awesome shows for this time of year that are on Netflix.Best Halloween Movies

My usual favorites that I cannot go the season without watching are

There are a few new movies and shows that I am so happy I discovered this year! While on a trip to target I began looking at their movies and bought myself…

  • Hocus Pocus – A new favorite! I just watched this for the first time a few weeks ago and I am now obsessed. It was an amazing movie, very magical!
  • Tower of Terror – I actually have not seen this one yet, but I am planning to watch it tonight. So, come back for an update tonight.

Both for a wonderful price and they are ow both favorite movies for sure!

I also began watching…

  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch -Netflix – This show is really good and kind of scary. I definitely recommend giving it a try before spooky season is over!the-best-halloween-movies.jpg

Another thing that I wanted to tell you guys about was that I created a Halloween look the other day and the video is now on YouTube! I never do crazy makeup like this and it was a very fun first experience. I hope to do something fun like this again soon. I was going for a fun galaxy inspired look, I hope you enjoy the video! Please click the link below to watch.

OUT OF THIS WORLD Halloween Makeup – YouTube


Thank you for reading my post! Let me know what movies you guys are watching during Halloween and go check out my HallowScream post as well as my video above. Follow for updates on more content!


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