Take Me Back

Lately I have been thinking a lot about how far my sense of fashion has come. when I first started my blog, I was very much into grunge fashion but I didn’t know how to do it very well or how to make it mine. Working with what I had at the time and figuring out how I wanted to style things was a challenge at first. I wasn’t very good at fashion or makeup when I first started.Take Me Back (5)Take Me Back

It took me a while to figure all of that out but I believe I have improved greatly and I am so much more confident in my sense of style and I believe it will only get better as I continue to blog. Take Me Back (3)Take Me Back (2)

Back to my main point, I started out loving the grunge style and took a lot of influence from there. I have strayed from that a little but my outfits have been truly what vibe I have been feeling at the time they are posted. This look shows more of that grunge, moody look that I used to wear all the time but it is done so much more in my taste now that I have figured out how to style better. I love all the styles I do and it’s good to mix things up every once in a while. Take Me Back (4)Take Me Back (8)

My jacket which I bought in London is my favorite part of this outfit. I have been meaning to incorporate it into an outfit since I got back but just haven’t done it yet. I hope it will be in another post at some point, styled differently. The jacket kind of reminds me of the grunge scene in London, especially when I wear it with an Iron Maiden tee. Take Me Back (7)default

I just love the oversize jacket with the band tee and jeans. It really gives me rock star vibes. This look will probably be happening again for me this fall, I love it a lot and it’s casual but nice for a day out or night out with friends or maybe even a fall concert look.


Shop the Look: 

Monki – Double Breasted Blazer – Pinstriped

Black Velvet Creepers – T.U.K footwear $90

Thank you for reading my post. Please check out some of my other posts on my blogs, I will put my favorites below. Follow me for updates when I post new content.


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