Back to School with Jord

It’s September again and everybody is going back to school. I love these last days of summer with all my heart. It’s still hot most days but we also have some very cool days. Back to School with Jord 3

Recently I received a gorgeous wooden watch from Jord. I have gotten one from them before but this one has to be my favorite so far. They have many other beautiful timepieces and a lot more that are more feminine as well but I really liked this design. It probably wouldn’t go with my more girly outfits but I really like it as an accessory with casual laid-back outfits. Watches are a great accessory to have, I always feel like someone who is wearing a watch makes great use of their time  and always has a place to be. Jord Watches 3

When you dress casual or comfy you don’t want to look too messy or “bummy”. I really think wearing a watch, especially a wooden one pulls the look together. This is my “Back to College” look this year. I’ve been trying to dress for both comfort and style and this fall I’m going to be all about giant sweatshirts (when I’m not at work.) Jord Watches

A lot of people don’t wear watches anymore because we can always check the time on our phones but I can tell you it will make your boss happy to see you check a watch on your wrist instead of looking at your phone. I find the time goes by faster when I don’t look at my phone for the time anyways.Jord Watches 2

I have teamed up with JORD to offer you guys $100 to shop their site with! I am so excited and I wish all of you could win one, they have many beautiful pieces. To enter the contest please click the contest link and enter your name and email for a chance to win $100 to shop JORD’s collection. This contest will last until September 30th 2018.

I’m so excited to be starting my new term of college on Monday and going back to work full-time on Tuesday! This past week has been absolutely crazy as far as preparation goes but I’m so glad I had time to check in with you guys and talk to you about my new watch and the giveaway I’m doing with Jord.Back to School with Jord

Thank you for reading my post! I hope you participate in this giveaway and look around my blog and follow me for updates when I post new content! More amazing stuff coming soon.

Enter in the Contest!

Wooden Wrist Watch

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