Late Summer

I absolutely adore late summer. There are warm days and cool days, wild flowers are blooming, and these early September nights are perfect for a warm fire. Summer is going to end in a couple of weeks so it’s time to wear those pieces you want to wear before it gets too cold.Pink Striped JumpsuitPink Striped Jumpsuit (2)

I bought this jumpsuit back in June but I haven’t really worn it much. I just need to make it a part of my weekly wardrobe. Everyone has those pieces that they love but just don’t seem to wear that often. I’m hoping to get more use out of this one before summer officially ends. Jumpsuits really weren’t something I wore for the longest time but this summer I tried it and I love it so much. One reason is simply because it makes it that much easier to put together an outfit but also (with most of them) they can give off a little bit of a 70’s vibe, especially when paired with platform heels which I highly recommend.Pink Striped Jumpsuit (3)Late Summer (2)

Also, I finally got my photographer back!! So, that may mean that a lot more posts are coming soon but also my schedule is about to get pretty busy so well have to see what happens. Either way I intend to keep posting throughout the school year.Late SummerLate Summer (4)

This is such a beautiful time of year. I really hope everyone takes some time to enjoy it. The cool nights around a fire, the wild flowers blooming, the beginning of sweatshirt weather, and when it’s still sunny in the morning. It’ll all change in a few weeks so appreciate it now. I’ve been so exhausted the past few days so Labor Day weekend is going to be all about spending time with friends and family and enjoying these perfect late summer days.

Shop the Look:

Similar Pink Striped Jumpsuit – Need Supply Co. $100

Similar Pink Striped Jumpsuit – Forever 21 – $32

Black Platform Heels – Nordstrom $80

Did you start school yet? What are you doing for Labor Day weekend? Do you like jumpsuits? Talk to me in the comments!Late Summer (3)

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