Natural Beauty and It’s Importance

Confidence is not always something that I can find easily. It’s not easy living a life trying to be what we all think to be beautiful. If we are constantly chasing this “ideal” image in our heads of beauty then we are bound to fail to reach it.

In the past few years, especially this past year I have been learning that confidence in one’s self is found by realizing that you are already beautiful. I know everyone says this but you really have to believe it in order to see yourself in a better light.Natural Beauty (4)

When I started to show my face makeup free and not care if I had a pimple in a picture it gave me so much more freedom and confidence. I can tell you in complete honesty that I cannot understand the girls who cannot go a day without makeup. It honestly makes me think they are insecure about the way they naturally look. Now maybe that isn’t true, there’s no way for me to know how insecure all these girls that cake their face are but it’s just something I don’t understand because there is so much more power in being able to go without makeup for days and not be worried about what people think about your face.Natural Beauty (2)

For me, makeup was often something that covered up the things I didn’t like about myself. I know that makeup is also an art and it is an amazing outlet for some people to express their creativity  but for me it’s not and I just want other people to know that it doesn’t have to be. I feel like wearing  makeup every single day has become the norm for most girls today. I see people wearing tons of makeup everyday and sometimes I just wish that wasn’t the case. I wish more girls felt normal going out without makeup on.Natural Beauty (3)

Now, going makeup-less can be scary at first, you can always take it slowly, but I highly encourage for you to at least try. When I stopped wearing makeup, I slowly became more and more beautiful to myself. I noticed how beautiful my features are naturally and which features are more prominent than others, it was honestly like I rediscovered myself. We should not be comparing ourselves to fake looking people whom society praises for being flawless. That’s just it, people, humans have flaws. It is all the little things that are different about us that make us unique and beautiful.Natural Beauty (6)

Why I Stopped Wearing Makeup Everyday

The biggest thing I preach on my blog is going without makeup because it has taught me to love myself. I’m all about the all natural vibe. No makeup, not washing my hair or styling it everyday, going bra-less every now and then, wearing comfortable clothes and loving it. Makeup -less has become my entire lifestyle. I wish everyone would stop caring about what looks good and just do what feels right. I’m really not trying to bring down those who love makeup, some of you already understand and can love yourself with and without it and that’s so wonderful in my eyes. I applaud you for that, but I love myself so much more without lots of makeup ( I love mascara so much, I don’t wear it everyday but it is often something I wear) and I love how much easier my life is without putting it on every day.Natural Beauty

Please. Please stop trying to be this fake kind of pretty that society tells us is the ultimate goal. Please be you pretty. Embrace who you are and how you look without all the extra makeup, padding, or hair extensions. These things are fun and I don’t want you to throw all this stuff away and never use it again. I want you to see that you can be beautiful with and without. Be confident with and without makeup.

Please take good care of your hair and skin so that you literally can just wake up flawless maybe brush your hair, wash and moisturize your face then go to work. Because it really should be that easy. I love you all so much and I hope to see you guys killing the au natural vibe. Here is My Everyday Skincare Routine .

Thank you for reading please check out more of my posts and follow my blog for updates on new content. I post once or twice a week and I have lots of new stuff to post about soon.


7 thoughts on “Natural Beauty and It’s Importance

  1. Yeah, I don’t even (and have never) wear makeup in the first place. And definetly sometimes makes me insecure if I am tired, allergic, have pimples or whaetver. But in the end, I like it better. I think makeup and dressing nicely, doing your hair, etc…make you feel more ready to face the day, so I like to always get ready, but there are definetly days that nothing feels really good!

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