Monday Morning Motivation no.02 | Patience

Good morning angels and happy Monday!

Today I wanted talk a little bit about patience and being content with your life and where you are. Patience is something that I have always struggled with. I can’t wait for the future and I am often daydreaming. This is not to say that I am wishing my life away or that I am not happy with my life. In fact I love my life, my journey and where I am today. Over the years I have learned to be more patient but it can still be difficult at times.Patience (4)

The most helpful thing to tell yourself is that you are doing what you can right now to get to where you want to be and it takes time. One day at a time you are getting closer and closer to where you want to be. I want to take this one step further and say that you should be grateful for where you are right now and if happiness is something that you are aiming for or working towards there is a chance you are never going to reach it.I say this because often times people have a false idea of happiness. So many people don’t realize that they already have a wonderful life. I believe that happiness is found in many parts of our life, a lot of small moments. I don’t think that we need to be in search of a time in our lives where we are “happy” because we should be making those moments everyday and sometimes some sad moments and we can only do so much to control it.

Patience (2)What I’m saying is make the most of your life. We have happy and sad moments daily but this does not make our life a bad or good one. Our life is simply that…life. It has it’s ups and it’s downs and we could never appreciate the high without the lows. Learn to make the best of everyday, enjoy life, embrace the hard parts of it too. Cry if you need to but do what enjoy and spend time with the people who give you happiness.Patience

Change your mindset to positivity instead of negativity, find the silver lining in situations and I guarantee you will live the best life you can. This isn’t the same for everyone though. You’re best self is not the same as someone else’s best self,don’t compare your happiness to others.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope it gave you a little bit of motivation that you probably need on this gorgeous Monday morning. Please check out my other posts and follow for updates on new content.


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