Summer Jewelry

In the past I have not been the best with accessorizing or even styling. Jewelry was something I layered on without thinking about it. It takes a lot of work a time to know what your style is and to see what kind of looks work best for you. My advice with this is to take your time and remember that it is a process just like everything else.Summer Jewelry

As far as accessorizing goes I like to keep it somewhat simple most of the time. I like to where hoops, simple studs, and chains. Another rule I used to have was to only buy silver jewelry so it all matches. I figured it was time to open my mind up to maybe wearing some gold jewelry and it’s now my favorite.Gold Jewelry

Gold chains – I only have this layered piece but I want several and some with some unique pendants like crosses and stars. Gold look so good in the summer, especially with a nice tan.

ASOS – Chained & Able St Christopher Mini Tag Necklace $35

Vanessa Mooney – The Gold Little Rose $70

Hoops– Hoops can be good or bad and i really depends. I have been wearing silver ones but I really have been liking gold jewelry so much better especially with hoops. Also, I like to find light weight and unique designed hoops.

Revolve – Robin Hoop Earrings $20

Target – Hoop Earring Set $8

Simple studs– I love wearing at least some simple studs because they can still give an outfit a little more personality without overdoing it. I would also like to get a second piercing in my ear soon. I love the look of multiple earring because I can never decide anyways. I’m obsessed with the Lightning bolt ones below.

Kingsley Ryan Plated Lightning Bolt earrings – $8

Nordstrom – 3D Bejeweled Bee Stud Earring – Olivia Burton

Anything Celestial – I love the sun, moon and stars all so much! I try to wear find jewelry that has those incorporated in them. If you look at my pictures you will see the studs are stars and the gold ones are moons.

Celestial Earring Stud Set $29

Pacsun – Star and Moon Earrings $11Silver Jewelry

Tortoise Shell Earrings – This style was popular when I was little and I thought it was tacky. After seeing it styled well by bloggers and such I have changed my mind. I love the pattern and think it looks beautiful with a minimalist look.

Machete – Block Earring in Blonde Tortoise $36

Bloomingdale’s Ralph Lauren Tortoise Bracelet $48

I have been accessorizing more and more lately. Gold is definitely the trend in jewelry right now and I’m obsessed. All these jewelry types are so classic and cut. I would definitely pair all of these with the last makeup  look I did.

Natural Summer Glow |Makeup


Thank you for reading the post! I hope you guys find some cute jewelry to start wearing more. Please like my post and follow me for updates on new content.

This post is not sponsored by any of the brands featured.




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