The Product that Saved My Hair from Years of Damage – A Healthy Alternative to Hair Dye

I was going to wait until the end of summer to color my hair but I got so tired of seeing blonde on my ends. Now, you guys know that I am very specific about what can go on my hair and skin and what can’t and that I no longer use dye on my hair. Hair Color- Henna (2)

A few years ago I found a better alternative. Henna. Henna is a natural plant with the ability to color your hair and even your skin. I like to use it for my hair because it is so much healthier, it does not kill your hair and it leaves it smooth and moisturized.

My hair color before the treatment:Hair Color- BeforeHair Color- Before (2)

I get my henna cream off of Amazon but sometimes you can find it at local health and herbal markets. I like to mix the cream with conditioner and a very small amount of hair oil. I can’t say it enough times -Moisturizing your hair and skin is SO important.

<a href=”http://Surya Brasil Henna Cream Golden Brown 2.31 Fluid Ounces“>Surya Brasil – Henna Cream in Golden Brown- $13.58

Hair Color- Henna

After mixing the cream and condition I start applying with the hair closest to my face and work my way back until all of my hair is in a little bun of henna cream. You leave it in for half an hour then wash out. Very simple.

Hair color after the treatment:Hair Color in Natural LightHenna Hair

The color always come out so nice and since it is made with henna it has a slight red undertone to it which I love. The solution also has chamomile, aloe Vera, acai, arnica, Brazil nut, carrot and many other natural ingredients that are so good for your hair. Hair Color - AfterHair Color - After (2)I really recommend henna especially for brunettes because it is the perfect way to touch up your hair and it has nothing damaging in it. No hydrogen peroxide or parabens, it’s a vegan product and is 100% natural.Henna Hair (2)Excuse my hair ties on my wrist. I forgot to take them off. Hair Color- AfterI also don’t use all of the product just to see how much fades in a week and next week or maybe I’ll wait til the end of summer and I will add the rest to a lot of conditioner and touch up my color just a bit more. There is a lot of product in the bottles. I used a lot on my hair because I have of lot of it and I still have enough left for a future touch up.

Thank you for reading my post. I definitely suggest you guys check out this brand and their henna cremes. They have many different shades for different hair colors including blonde, black, brown, red, silver and many more. Please look around my site and see other posts and follow me for updates on new content.


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