Monday Morning Motivation| no. 1

I’ve thought about starting this post series for a while now. We all need motivation, especially on Mondays, and I thought finding some motivation for myself and sharing it with you guys would lay a great foundation for not only my week but yours too. Monday Morning Motivation no.01 (2)

I feel the best way to motivate is to look at your life as a whole. So, first I wanted to say “do something today that your future self will thank you for.” Building on that, I wanted to ask a few questions.  What is your dream? What are your goals? Are you doing something everyday that is bringing you closer to your goals? If you’re not you really should be. Monday Morning Motivation no.01 (5)

As a young 20 year old I really think this advice is essential, “Seize the day”, we should really try not to take one day for granted. Of course there are the days we can stay home and watch Netflix on the couch but try to do one little thing that is advancing you to your goals, even if one of your goals is a clean house. Maybe you could make the bed, or do the dishes, or vacuum. For blogging maybe write a post today, take some  photos, write down some new ideas for a post. As long as you’re making progress everyday. Monday Morning Motivation (4)

We need to be doing something everyday to to advance us toward reaching our goals. How else will we get there if we aren’t making progress everyday? The sense of accomplishment and knowing that you are closer to your goal alone should motivate you to do more. I know that motivates me to no end. The sense of accomplishment is like a drug to me. Once I succeed at something I want to do it again only bigger and better. Keep striving to do your absolute best. Monday Morning Motivation no.01

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

Get stuff done on this beautiful Monday. Keep going even if the progress is little, progress is progress.

Side-note: I wanted to mention these shorts really quick. I got them this week from Zaful and they are my new favorite shorts. I got really tired pretty fast this year with all my shorts being denim, I needed something more comfortable and Zaful really came through. Love the style, material and color all so much.

I love Zaful so much, I made a wish-list of their stuff a few weeks back.

Summer Wishes 2018 – no. 5

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