Fourth of July|Photo Diary

I hope that everyone had a wonderful, blessed Independence day. It was such a fun week for me. I basically spent the whole week with my boyfriend who I thought might not be able to make my family’s Fourth of July party but he came down Tuesday (He lives like 3.5 hours from me now) to spend the week with me. That day we went to the beach for swimming and ice cream, it was such a beautiful evening in York, ME. A lil Forehead Kissdream come true

When we first started dating last year we went to the beach a lot. It became one of my favorite things to do with him. We love to just hang out, get food, people watch and just enjoy each others company.York Beach, MEAt the beach with my Love (2)

Also, the lighting was absolutely killer. I love going to the beach towards the end of the day because it’s a little cooler, the lighting is amazing and I’m a lot less likely to get sunburned. I think around 4-8pm is the perfect time to be at the beach.

The next day was the Fourth and I wore a cute striped shirt and mom short but that outfit didn’t get captured until Sunday. You can see it in Stars and Stripes.Fireworks

The Fourth of July is amazing at my house. We have a field out behind our house and we usually spend a lot of money on fireworks and have our own firework show.Fireworks (7)

Of course we barbecue and spend time together before too. This is always a great time spent with lots of family and some of our closest friends. The Edgar’s Fourth of July is legendary to say the least. I only wish I got photos of the actually party and not just fireworks, but the fireworks were stunning this year.Fireworks (5)Fireworks (4)

The next day was honestly spent in recovery. It was crazy hot, I had to clean up fireworks, finish my college discussion assignment, and after I was so exhausted we just got Chinese and watched Netflix all day.

On Friday, we went to the zoo. I was so happy I love animals and I haven’t been to the zoo in forever. This is such a fun date idea and I recommend it to everyone. I had such a great time seeing all these cute animals and spending time with Christian.PeacockAfter the zoo, we got pizza and walked on the beach. This pizza was to die for. If you ever go to Woody’s Brick Oven Pizza in York get their Harbor Beach pizza. You won’t be disappointed. Woody's Brick Oven PizzaThe next day we went to another barbecue but I forgot to take pictures again. It was a wonderful time at my Brother’s new house and they did a wonderful job hosting and barbecuing (which is the most important part of a party.)

On Sunday we went out for breakfast then to the beach again. I was trying to get in as much beach time before he left. This time we had to stop at Target and get some Sand Toys so that we could build a sandcastle. SandcastleStars and Stripes (7)This is also the outfit that I wore on The Fourth of July and you can check it out on my Stars and Stripes post.

The whole week was amazing. I love spending lots of time at the beach but it’s no fun to go alone so it might be a while before I go back. I hope everyone had an epic party and continues to have an enjoyable summer

Thank you for checking out this post I hope you enjoyed the photos and my little stories with them. I hope you had a fun week and partied a lot. Please check out some of my other posts and follow me for updates of new content.


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