Favorite Places to Eat/ Drink | Paris

I had an amazing time in Paris in May and one of my favorite parts about being there was the food (of course.) You can see all the other things I enjoyed in my Paris | Photo Diary!

Here are some of the places in Paris where I had the best food:

  1. Laduree– Laduree is famous for their macarons and they did not disappoint. The only thing i do have to say is if you go during a busy time where the line is really long sneak to the back and go to the bar and enjoy a bottle of champagne while you order your macarons there (they will bring them to you much quicker.) Laduree


  2. Francesca– This place was amazing and so filling. The server we had was very helpful with translations and helping us pick a wine. We also had the most amazing creme brulee I’ve ever had there.Francesca (2)Francesca
  3. de Clercq , les Rois de la Frite – Of course we had to get french fries in France! Now I know that the French didn’t invent french fries but these fries were amazing and they had so many different absolutely amazing sauces for dipping the fries into. A definite must try for anyone visiting Paris.De Clercq, les Rois de la Frite
  4. Cafe de la Paix– A fancy little restaurant and hotel next to the opera house where they filmed The Phantom of the Opera. It was delicious. I especially liked the chicken sandwich I had but they bacon was awful I’m sad to say. Their deserts were also delicious and beautifully presented. We also had three bottles of champagne here which was a daily thing at any restaurant we went to.  Cafe de la Paix (2)Cafe de la Paix
  5. Angelina – A beautiful way to begin our day at the Louvre. We had brunch here and it was exquisite, very filling and the environment here was very calm. I would have brunch here everyday if I could. We couldn’t even finished we were all so stuffed. angelina.jpg
  6.  la bac a Glaces– This was my favorite ice cream ever. I got the raspberry rose flavor and it’s something I dream about almost everyday since I left Paris. Ice cream is a passion in my life.   La Bac a Glaces
  7.  Le Hibou – This is a great outdoor cafe for just hanging out and sharing a drink and some snacks with your friends or whatever. We only ordered a bottle of wine and a few snacks to try which was interesting. Emma and I had never had Foie gras (which is made of duck liver) before we went here. It wasn’t bad but I’m not in love.Le Hibou
  8. L’italien – I love my carbs. I can’t wait til I finally plan a trip to Italy and eat Italian every single day, but this place in Paris was very good. It was a very small space but my pasta was so good and cheesy. It had so much Parmesan and i could literally eat this every day. I’m sorry I love pasta so much.   L'italien
  9. au Viux de Paris d’Arcole– This place not only has good food but is such a gorgeous and instagram-able spot. The only thing is that it is often crowded so it’s hard to get good pictures of the outside, but it’s definitely possible. We ate here before catching the plane home and it was so enjoyable. Like I said, I could eat pasta everyday and never be upset about it. Grade A food for sure, the champagne was wonderful here too. Au Viux Paris d'Arcole

Well, writing this post has only made me want to fly back to Paris to get some more of this food. I guess I’m gonna have to go back soon. I hope everyone has the chance to travel and try great food and see all the sights.

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