Changing How We View Social Media

We are in an age where social media means so much to us. We use Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter daily. We let the things others say and post make so much impact on our lives. We let what others say or how many likes we get on our own posts affect us as well. Even just scrolling through our feeds and seeing how other people live their lives can affect how we feel. It shouldn’t have to though. Other people’s lives on Instagram should not control our own. Change Our View (3)

So many people think the solution is to cut social media out of our lives and while I think this is a good idea and everyone should try it, at least for a bit, I think it’s important to change how we see things through the screen.Change Our View

I don’t know about everyone else but I often find myself scrolling through Instagram comparing myself to others, feeling sorry for myself and this specifically is what I would like to change in my view on social media. Just because I don’t have the same life as some of these bloggers who get to travel and wear Dior does not mean that first of all I’m not amazing and secondly that I don’t have an amazing and very blessed life.

When we are scrolling through our feeds and see these people living great lives it should inspire us to go out and live our best life, even if that just means something as simple as going out to eat, going to the beach or going to work. Everything is an adventure and in everything put your best effort. Of course we should be wanting to improve our lives and our photos we post but don’t let these negative emotions control you.  Social media has become a creative outlet. So create a life you want to follow. You have power over your life but not the things that others post.Change Our View (2)

Above all, just remember that being happy and loving life is not controlled by the amount of likes you get. I have been taking this mindset recently and it has taken so much unnecessary weight off of my shoulders. Don’t let other people’s lives make yours seem bland. You create your own life. Change Our View (4)

Thank you for reading this post. I hope what I’ve written helps you in some way. It was a quick idea I had while drinking my tea and scrolling through Instagram this morning. I love you guys. Stay positive. Be supportive of me and like and share this post. Also, don’t forget to follow me for more inspirational content.


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