Sunshine of Your Love| 7 T-shirt Dresses for Spring/Summer 2018

Hey friends! So, recently I have been dressing more comfortably since we are approaching summer and honestly more than anything I am excited to stop wearing pants. I have been looking forward to breaking out all the spring and skirts and dresses so much this year. I especially have been really been loving the simplicity and comfort of t-shirt dresses.T-shirt dress (2)Dirty Reeboks

Comfort and style are two things that should go hand in hand. I honestly don’t feel like you should wear something that is uncomfortable to you just to be in trend, but comfort has become so important to the industry so we don’t have to worry about that much anymore.T-shirt dressT-shirt dress (5)

The dress I’m  wearing is the most comfortable thing I have ever worn and the material is the softest. I could wear it to bed or out on a date!T-shirt Dress (3)T-shirt dress (6)

Similar – Rolled Sleeve Basic Tee Dress – ROMWE

Here are some other favorite I definitely would also want to have for the summer.

Midi t-shirt dress with broderie drop hem- ASOS

Ribbed t-shirt dress – Forever 21

Mineral Wash T-shirt Dress – Forever 21

Modal Blend T-shirt Dress in Yellow – H&M

Striped Ringer T-Shirt -Urban Outfitters

Nirvana Unplugged T-shirt Dress-Urban Outfitters  (this looks a little short I would buy a size up or just wear leggings under it.)


I hope you guys love T-shirt dresses as much as I do. I definitely love the band tee one and I am thinking about getting it or one similar soon. They are perfect for all summer occasions. I know it’s still spring for a little longer but the warmer weather has me so excited. Plus, these dresses are great for spring as well.T-shirt Dress (4)Also, I uploaded a video to YouTube this morning if any of you are interested in how I do my makeup. …When I Actually Do My Makeup


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