The Best Photography Advice I’ve Received

Just yesterday I completed my last assignment for my online photography course. I started last January and I have increased my love and appreciation for photography since but today I have finally acquired my certificate.

My Certificate of Graduation from New York Institute of Photography

If you interested in taking the course or another course that they offer you can save $50 by using my referral code: FFCFZBFEHII

In light of my completion of the course I wanted to share some advice that I learned. Through my years of learning photography one thing has stuck with me the most. After learning all the rules of composition and how to get the right exposure I was told “Now that you have learned the rules you can break them effectively.Genney Darling - Photography Advice (2)

Photography, and art in general, is not about following the rules, it’s about creativity and how we see the world. It’s not about copying a perfect image and getting the perfect formula for the perfect photo. A good photo is one that gets your point across and has a clear subject with a clear theme. Genney Darling - Photography Advice

It has been so much fun and hard work studying photography but I have learn to love the art even more than when I started. I feel so much more free and capable after this course. I only hope that my love continues to grow and my photos get better and my creativity thrives here on my blog and wherever else I will use my camera.

My project for summer will be to practice with my film camera more and to continue with digital as well. Do you have any photography goals or projects for the summer?Genney Darling - Photography Advice

If you guys would like more photography tips let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading this post and to some of you for staying with me as my photography and blogging improves. I hope this post has given you some insight and that you enjoyed it. Please like and share this post and follow for more sweet content.


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