My Favorite Places to Eat and Drink |London

One of the best parts about my trip to London was the food. We spent more time shopping and finding places to eat than actually seeing the sights. I’m totally okay with that too I had the best time shopping and eating there’s no better place for that than London.

So, with all the amazing and very different kinds of food we ate while in London I thought I would share some of my favorites with you! (Not in any particular order.) Hopefully, you have tried or will try some of these places because each place was an experience in and of itself.

1.) Pastaio – Pastaio had great choices for pasta and wine. The appetizers were our favorite though. We got this grilled cheese type of appetizer and we were over the moon about it. Whatever they put in their with the mozzarella was delicious! And the environment was pleasant as well, they had great music and fun colored walls. Definitely coming back here next time.

PastaioPastaio (2)

2.) Dragon Inn– I Love Chinese food! This Sichuan place is an absolute must for me. I am going back here every single time I go to London in the future. I was super basic that night and got a sweet and sour chicken which was amazing and they served it in a pineapple which was beautiful. This place is known for their crazy spicy food which I did not order but did try off of my niece’s plate. It was amazing very spicy in the most unusual way but delicious.  I also got an amazing drink called Monk’s Revival which was made of sparkling water, red tea, lemon, basil and vodka. I wanted to have 5 more!! Dragon Inn (2)Dragon Inn

3.) Chinatown London- Ice cream-So, this actually wasn’t one of my favorites entirely. The soft serve ice cream was amazing and the fish cone was beautiful but hard and not very edible. I mostly did it for the gram. Chinatown London

4.) The forbidden City Bar – This place is an amazing place to just chill and get drinks. I only have screenshots because the videos I took are better. You can find them on my Youtube Channel which I will ink at the bottom of the post. Here we got champagne topped with cotton candy which was an absolute thrill for us because we are basically children and thrilled by anything cute like this.  After I had a gin and tonic which was very boozy but amazing. It is the perfect place to end a day of sight-seeing. forbidden-city-bar.pngForbidden Lounge

5.) Casa Tua – Casa Tua was a happy find. I am in love with carbs so naturally I love pasta. The pasta here was so good I had to try my best to slow down and enjoy it more. It was flavored beautifully with lots of spices and was paired  with a wine which my sister chose. There’s nothing better than red wine and pasta. Definitely my favorite Italian food in London. casa-tua.jpg

6.) Dishoom – If you like Indian food this place is an absolute must. Also, they have a lot of gluten-free and dairy free options, so I know that will help some of you guys. We ordered so much food here and I think we ate it all too. There was so much we wanted to try we just ordered a bunch of different things for the whole table to share. The naan here was amazing! Especially since we had a not so good experience getting Indian from Uber Eats at some place that I don’t remember. Dishoom saved us because we had only had been disappointed by Indian restaurants in London during the trip before we went here. The chicken and naan were definitely favorites and there drink menu is amazing as well. I tried the kalamansi smash(a tequila lime drink)which was yummy and refreshing.DishoomDishoom (2)

London is one of the best places to just shop and eat. the sights were amazing too!

Check out the Youtube video for My Trip to London

And read the post and see the photos from the trip as well-London | Photo Diary

Thank you for reading! I hope you all get the chance to go try some of these places and eat yummy food in London some day! Don’t forget to like and share this post and follow me for more sweet content.


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