A Little Adventure

There are some days where you need to leave life behind and just go on a short hike with a friend and enjoy the beauty of nature. That’s what I did.

A friend and I drove up north today to go see Diana’s Baths ( a waterfall in Conway. New Hampshire.) It was such a beautiful day to go too. Lately it has been cold in New Hampshire even though it has been spring for sometime now. At first the weather was such a tease , giving us 70 degree days then 30 degree days, but this week it has finally stayed pretty warm, well warm for us anyways. Warmer weather is finally here…..I hope.A Little AdventureDiana's Bath (2)

It was a beautiful sunny day in the upper 60’s and the waterfalls were stunning. It wasn’t a very long hike but we spent most of our time taking photos, eating and just enjoying the view.Diana's Bath (3)Diana's Bath

These past couple weeks have been crazy for me so it was nice to do something a little more relaxing even if it was a long drive. If it was warmer we totally would have gone in the water more and taken some pretty sweet photos, but it’s not quite that warm yet. Abby and GenneyWaterfall

Anyways, I encourage you guys to take not only take those great big adventures and elaborate trips but the small adventures too. Like going hiking, going to the beach, shopping for plants, rearranging your room. Sometimes you don’t need to travel super far away. Everything is an adventure, or at least that’s how we should view life in my opinion. Appreciate the small things, but have great adventures too.Waterfall (2)

Are you appreciating the small things in your life? Or are you living for only the big moments?


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