Knowing When to Keep Your Mouth Shut

Sometimes it can be difficult to not let the words of other people get the best of you. There are situations where someone will say something and all you want to do is blow up at them and defend yourself. But you can’t always do that. Sometimes you have to keep your mouth shut and just, honestly, let the person make a fool of themselves. Saying nothing is so much more satisfying than getting in a big argument. Keep Your Mouth Shut 4

It’s better to walk away from the situation. For everyone! It’s really not worth your time to sit there with someone and argue and make the situation worse and worse hurting both of you. I find it better to either ignore what people are saying about you or in some cases accept that the person thinks something of you or thinks you did something and simply say “How can we resolve this situation?” We are so quick to defend ourselves and so slow to resolve conflicts.Shut Your Mouth 6

I can’t even tell you how many times I have had to hold my tongue. It’s not easy, but with lots of practice it’ll become easier and it will make your life easier and eliminate TONS of drama which you don’t need (none of us do.)

Our culture lives on drama and I for one am tired of it. We need to start focusing on more important things. This drama tears so many relationships, friendships, and families apart. It really needs to stop. This is my way of stopping that, I’m gonna shut my mouth. Trying to prove a point is not worth hurting the people around you. Keep Your Mouth Shut 2

I want to encourage everyone who reads this to take a look at their actions and their words and see if maybe you have made an error. We all need to watch what we say more, it has the biggest effect on people. See if their is something you could say (or not say) that instead of defending yourself and your ego is actually helping resolve the situation.Keep Your Mouth Shut 5

Sometimes we need to stay quiet. Sometimes we should just think twice before we say what we want to say. Change your words, ponder the effect it may have on a situation.

In a difficult situation do you tend to keep your mouth shut or make the situation worse?  Please leave a comment and discuss your opinions and suggestions with me!

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9 thoughts on “Knowing When to Keep Your Mouth Shut

  1. saw this & immediately had to read cuz I’m TERRIBLE at knowing when to just not say anything lolol. walking away from the situation for a bit usually helps me calm down, then I don’t say things I don’t wanna say! thanks for the reminder that sometimes ya just needa shut up 🙂

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