What I’m Doing When I’m Not Blogging

I’m not a full time blogger, and that’s okay. In fact I don’t even know if blogging is what I want to do as a career, but I do know that I love to have this creative space where I can share my thoughts, ideas and the things I love.Genney Darling (2)

When I’m not blogging I’m probably at work. I work at a small private school in Somersworth New Hampshire as both the 3 year old class assistant and the high school yearbook adviser. It’s fun having more than one job. I’m the type of person who needs to be kept busy. I love being able to have something to work towards. I could never have a job in retail or fast food, I need a job with goals and daily tasks. I get bored easy.
I love being able to put my heart and soul into the events I have to put on for yearbook and helping with other arts programs here.What I Do (2)

When I’m not at work I’m working on my photography class. In the last year I haven’t spent much time on it as I would like, but I have been working on it more and even have become more interested in film photography (I will share some of my work after I get it developed, I want to do lots of film photography this summer.)Genney Darling

If I’m not at work on at home working on projects or my class I’m with my boyfriend or with my friend doing random things, probably bringing my film camera with me just in case I see something worth capturing. Owhat-i-do.jpgOh my lord. All we do is make moody faces.We don’t look good happy. We look good irritated.

I love staying busy but it will be nice to take a break soon,probably bringing a camera along with because I always need to be productive.

Thank you for reading my post! Please make sure you like my post and follow my blog for more amazing content. Enjoy your beautiful weekend!


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