Instagram Roundup March 2018 | Why I Had to Create a New Account

I am amazed at how quickly March flew by. It really does seem like it just started but I’m glad we are finally getting some warmer sunny days.My Bedroom WallEasy Living (5)

Anyways, this month has been a little crazy for my Instagram as well. Last year I gained lots of followers that have been inactive and were really just not helping me move forward and grow my account. It’s hard to grow when you have 2.5 k followers and you’re only getting 40-110 likes. Like, there was something wrong.Christian and IKnits and Denim (7)

So, I decided to start a new account with basically the same username @genney.darling . I have been posting highlights from my old account and will be posting current content very soon and delete my old account.Sprng-Summer SunglassesSnow selfie

So far I don’t regret it at all. My account is doing good and I feel less pressure to get a certain amount of likes because I have like 250 followers so far (It’s only been 2 weeks). Plus, to be honest I want to just forget the number of likes and just post whatever and not worry, but that’s almost impossible for  20-year-old to do I guess. This day and age we get so concerned with the  amount of likes and follows we get, it’s good to just let it go sometimes.wall.jpgGarden Dreams (2)

So that’s what my March has been about. starting over and also taking time for me and my health. I have also continued to not drink coffee which you can read about in my Why I Stopped Drinking Coffee post and I started running again (just the other day) we’ll see how long it lasts. I’m a little determined. Just a little.shadessunset

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