My Vogue Wall| Bedroom Decor

Room decor has always been important to me. I would always spend lots of time and effort organizing and decoration my room even when I was younger.My Bedroom Wall

I continue to improve my style in fashion as well as in decor and right now one of my favorite (and least expensive) ways to decorate is to tape up pictures on your wall. These can be photos of your friends and family or pictures that inspire you. I started with my //“>poster of Audrey Hepburn, a stunning fashion icon of many. My Bedroom Wall (2)After putting up the poster I went through and cut out my favorite photos from campaigns in //“>Vogue magazine or sometimes other favorite magazines like //“>Aesthetica or //“>Elle. You can tape up these photos in whatever pattern you like. Before recently I had them all messy and random and it looked okay but it just wasn’t working for me anymore.My Bedroom wall (3)

I think I will re-do my wall every once in a while to keep my inspiration fresh. Our sense of style and the fashion world are always changing so fast and doing stuff like this helps to keep up with it. Plus I love the way it looks.My Bedroom Wall (4)

Something else that I enjoy for room decor is having plenty of candles. I like having them on my desk because it is the biggest open surface area I have so I can have them all together and not worry about something catching fire. Desk Details (2)I also like to keep my vintage cameras here as well as some books I’m currently reading. This desk is also where I keep my jewelry and makeup. But my makeup drawers will have to be a whole other post. Desk Details (3)Some of my other desk essentials are my //“>Himalayan salt lamp and my cute little cactus. Himalayan salt lamps are known to clean the air in the room they are placed in but make sure you get a real one. I would get it in person at a store rather than online, or just make sure you research the one you are getting first. Desk DetailsI have more plants but they are on my windowsill where they can get plenty of sunshine and love. I’ll have to show you guys in another post soon!

I love keeping my bedroom aesthetically pleasing because it is the room where I get most of my work done. It’s basically my office and I live in here. I feel it’s important to love the space that you live and sleep in.

Should I do a post on my plants or how I organize my makeup drawer?

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