Roses are Rad

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

I spent my day working and running errands and drinking coffee with my girl. It’s been a crazy day and that’s why this post is so late but I still wanted to publish it today for you angels! Roses are Rad (2)Roses are Rad (3)

I wish I spending Valentine’s Day with my love but I will see him tomorrow so it’s all good.

So many people are sad on Valentine’s Day because they are single or they don’t think there should be a day just for celebrating couples, but in my opinion that’s not what it’s about. Not fully anyway. This is a day to celebrate everyone you love. Not just you’re significant other. You should all be celebrating your friends, your family, everyone who has made a difference in your life. This day as well as every other day you should be spreading love. Roses are Rad (4)

Idk I just feel like there is so much love to give and we should definitely celebrate this holiday no matter if we are single or in a relationship. Like I really appreciate and love all of you for your love and support through my blogging and experience so far. Roses are Rad (5)

Today I had a wonderful “Galentine’s date” with my friend and we went to a coffee shop and had the best tea lattes in the whole world. I feel like I appreciate and love everyone in my life even more now that I am in a relationship. I can’t imagine that makes sense to any of you but sometimes I feel like there is just so much love for me to give.

Roses are Rad (6)Roses are Rad (7)

Anyways I really hope everyone is having a wonderful day filled with love. Really take time to appreciate everyone you love. It’s not a day to through a pity party, that doesn’t make anyone happy. That makes you more miserable and everyone around you more miserableRoses are Rad

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