Wishes no.4 | Winter 2018

Winter is one of my favorite seasons because of all the layers and accessories we get to wear to keep us warm and cozy. I also haven’t made too many purchases lately so my list of stuff I want might be a little long today….here is a compilation of items in my wishlist right now.

Wishes no.4

Urban Outfitters- Oversized Striped Boyfriend Sweater – This over-sized sweater is so cute and retro looking.

Urban Outfitters- Elton John Yellow Brick Road Tee-I am a big Elton John fan because my dad used to listen to him a lot when I was really young. So, I am kind of dying for this tee right now.

Zaful – Hooded Sweater Dress– I am really in need of more comfy, casual dresses.

H&M-Black Paded Jacket  with Hood– I really love all these puffy jackets that are in right now!

H&M- Rib-Knit Cardigan– The more sweaters the better. One can never have too many!

ASOS- Eyelet Round Buckle Waist Belt– This belt is such a cute accessory that would go with so many sweater dresses.

ASOS- Chunky Heeled Cheslea Boot– Every girl need a pair of chunky heeled boots to go with just about everything.

Urban Outfitters- Leopard Print Denim Mini Skirt– Lately I have been getting more into the leopard print items. Definitely need!

ASOS- Side Striped Pants– I could never say no to this pair of comfy sweatpants.

Zaful- Lapel Coat with Pockets– Perfect to wear to work or even over a dressy look when going out.

Forever 21- Floral Print Crop Top– Want this top for Valentine’s day!! It would be cute and casual for a night out (P.S. Probably seeing Deadpool with bae…who else?)

Forever 21- Faux Suede Platform Heels -In Love with these heels! Another perfect item for Valentine’s day. BTW Forever21 has so many cute things for Valentine’s day right now so click the link!

ASOS- Front Pocket Shopper Bag with Removable Clutch– I’m in major need of a new bag and this one seems like a good pick for everyday use.

ASOS-Denim Seemed Corset Skirt– My closet needs more denim skirts….

Forever21 – Camo Print Tee– Also I have been getting a little into camo prints but not too much. Just a touch here and there.

I am really in the mood for re-doing my closet and getting myself a new updated wardrobe. Hopefully soon I will be able to go out and go shopping. There are a lot of expenses I need to take care of first though.

Wishes no.4 (2).JPG

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