Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Lately all I want to do is stay home with a hot cup of coffee wrapped up in lots of blankets. However, life goes on even though it has been 10 below and we still have to brave the cold in order to get stuff done. Winter Beauty

The best solution is to dress warm. Cold Hands Warm Heart (3) My outfit almost everyday in the winter is jeans a t-shirt or sweatshirt, rain boots (and really warm socks) , a warm parka and a long woolly grey scarf. Usually completed with light purple painted fingernails because I am absolutely obsessed with the color…I’ll link it below for you.  Cold Hands Warm Heart (2)I’m not a stranger to the cold but I still love to just bundle up layers on when I go out on these freezing days. Most days I would rather stay home like I am right now and sit in front of the fire with several blankets and some nachos or some other amazing snack. Cold Hands Warm Heart

Shop the Look 

Pile Lined Parka- Dark Green – H&M

Black lace-up rain boots – Target

Grey woven Scarf – H&M |ON SALE

ColorPop Nail Polish – Delight

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