Favorite Winter Beauty Finds

I have been extra careful about my skin care and hair care with all the cold weather we’ve been having recently. And I found some favorite products that I wanted to share with you angels to help keep your skin and hair healthy in this dry cold weather. Jasmine Gardenia Baby OilOlivia Care- Jasmine Gardenia Body Oil from Target  – This stuff is a savior! It smells like heaven and leaves my skin sssooooo soft. Definitely get yourself some.The Coffee ScrubThe Coffee Scrub Coconut – The perfect product for exfoliating your skin in the winter. This stuff  is perfect for the coffee lovers, it’ll wake up your senses in the morning and leave your skin super soft. * Use before body oil for best results*   Zum MistZum Mist- Frankincense and Myrrh – This room and body aromatherapy mist smells like an angel!! It is a blend of frankincense and myrrh which is absolutely perfect for winter and it really helps to relax you as well.

Dead Sea Minerals MoisturizersDead Sea Hand and Body Lotion and Dead Sea Moisturizing Cream – These moisturizes have been so good to my skin recently and I use both at least once a day or more if needed. Favorite Beauty ProductsOther Favorites :

Redmond Clay facial Mask

Hair Masks from Sunflower Premium

Thank you for reading my post! Please take good care of your skin and hair in this cold dry weather and let me know if you have tried any of these products. If you liked the post please share and follow for more awesome content.

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