Top 17 of 2017

2017 has been a crazy, exciting and wonderful year for me. I love looking back and appreciating all the wonderful things that have happened and realizing how far my life, and my blog as well, has come in only a year.

So, I hope you enjoy looking back with me on 17 of my favorite posts from 2017….

  1. Back to the 90’s – One of my first favorite posts where I actually really loved my outfit and got lots of love from you guys. This post was about my love for 90’s style complete with an ugly sweater and mom jeans.img_11061
  2. Gingham Feels– I am obsessed with this dress still and it will be coming back in 2018. I only got to wear it once before it got cold so hopefully it’ll get more time out of the closet this coming year.Gingham 1
  3. My Take on a Healthy Lifestyle– My first post about fitness. This is one of my favorites because it’s about taking care of yourself in the most relaxed and easy way. Just love your body.Fitness (2)
  4. Why I Stopped Wearing Makeup Everyday– Another one about taking care of your self. This is my personal confession to how not wearing makeup has changed my skin and my life.No Makeup Flatlay
  5. Peace| Winter Outfit – Another favorite outfit.IMG_1545
  6.  Velvet Holidays | Christmas Party Look– My Christmas party look for this year which I am still in love with. Might even wear it for New Years if I decide to go out.Holiday Party (5)
  7. November Rain -My favorite casual look of all time.November Rain (5)
  8. No Need to Rush – This one is not an outfit or beauty post but just a post telling you it’s okay to not have everything in your life already plan. Just go with the flow and breathe.Don't Rush (4)
  9. Mellow Yellow– A yellow top, denim skirt and pumps to go get some flowers.mellow yellow 4
  10. Shades of Cool– One of my favorite shoots and a look that’s perfect for work in the spring.Shades of cool 1
  11. The Red Dress– A very sexy look which is perfect for a party or a night out with bae.RED dress 5
  12. New Year’s / My Birthday Outfit– My New Years outfit from last year, and yes my birthday is New Years day. I will be turning 20 this year!!!img_25271
  13. Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas– A very unique look which I wore to my brothers wedding this year.Wedding Guest outfit 3
  14. Afternoon Stroll– A cute little dress perfect for sunny afternoons.Afternoon Stroll
  15. Top Hair Care Tips– My favorite and most essential hair tips which I shared with y’allHair Care
  16. Velvet Summer– The cutest crop top and mom jeans perfect for summerVelvet 4
  17. Satin Stripes– Another favorite summer look.Sunny 4

Take time to look at some of my best posts of the year. I have noticed my favorite ones are generally the more popular ones as well. Please read and enjoy them, they are all worth checking out.Top 17 of 2017- Genney darling

Looking though these old posts and picking my favorites has really made me appreciate my blog even more. I hope you enjoy and follow me through even more great posts in 2018.

Thank you for reading my post male sure you share it and follow me to see more great content.

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